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Clothes For Bulding 
at Holon Fashion Week 2012


15-20 October, 2012 at the Design Museum Holon, the Mediatheque cultural center


Clothes For Bulding was a handmade knit that covered and redefined The Egg Theater, the Mediatheque building's leading identifying mark. Rimon's work was made with untraditional materials: industrial polyester rope, which is made in a local factory and originally used for packing or delivery; the knitting needles where plastic drainage pipes in two deferent diameters and rolls of paper taken from industrial fabric rolls.


By CLOTHES FOR BUILDING Rimon takes the knitting craft out of its traditional arena of making wearable, protectable and warming objects like sweaters and scarfs. Making a "clothes" for a building takes out any practical element of the knitted object and enhances its design and decoration ones.  Rimon's exciting work redefines and redesigns The Egg Theater by the new cover like a human body is redefined and redesigned by a good fashion design. 


Text by: Shira Shoval, manager of iMatter  -Materials Library, the Design Museum Holon 

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