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In my work, I investigate human appreciation of natural phenomena. Phenomena that fascinated mankind since its creation and inspired our ancestors to start creating art and how it influences us today. I connect to this pre-historic appreciation of nature, while interoperating it to our post-industrial era; inspired by 20th century esthetics of minimalism and the abstract movement.


I make abstract mixed-media objects and sculptures by a technique I developed of piling and layering. Each layer represents a fragment of information, a semi-image, a feeling, a metaphor or a thought. Together they create a whole. The outcome usually is not pre-defined but created through the accumulation of layers into new images. My artistic process aspires to achieve an equilibrium between concepts, materials and techniques. Making sure that each of the three elements contributes equally to defining the object. By making sure that each element is active in the process and defines the final object, I try to limit conceptual or material-based notions from leading or controlling the process.


I use my creative process, to cope with the physical and the mental load of modernity. Through the process of reducing information into abstracted semi-images and then reconfiguring into new images, I refine my post-normal modern life into minimalistic objects.

In this new global world, identity is ever in flux, infused by the movement of individuals within the ethnoscapes. This movement brings forth a new challenge to localized identities and requires us to stop and reflect on changes as they occur.


Migration Cloth, is the external identity that we carry with us as we move on this earth, carrying pieces of our culture and heritage. This concept, which is heavily referred to in textile design, takes on a new meaning as the cloth intertwines and we all find ourselves together.  

I believe that we need to be proactive in our place making, reinventing ethos, and creating a place that brings together elements floating in space; all disciplines, research and culture to be distilled into an abstract manifestation and poured into new patterns of being.


My projects attempt to marry our identifying cloth to weave a local fabric bringing together material culture and thought culture from the local day to day to a create a group of symbolic cloth like artifacts that tell a story.

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